Guitar #100

This is my 100th guitar, and I wanted to make it something special. In most ways it follows my standard design, but I didn’t want to use any tropical hardwoods, and have used FSC certified (sustainable) woods where possible (top, back and sides). The neck is walnut, and the fingerboard bog oak. Top is European spruce and the back and sides flamed maple. The tuners are Rodgers with black horn buttons.

I designed a new rosette for this guitar, with a traditional end grain central section, but using 0.33mm veneers, rather than the standard 0.6mm. This gives a higher resolution pattern, and as far as I know, no-one has made an end grain pattern this fine before. The completed rosette contains approximately 27,600 pieces.

I am now accepting orders for guitars with no tropical hardwoods used in the construction. Pricing is much the same as for guitars using tropical hardwoods (cost is generally slightly less than for most tropical hardwoods), and all non-tropical guitars have the option of the leaf rosette, which will not be available on guitars using tropical hardwoods. FSC certified woods can be used where available, although choice at the moment is limited to spruce/maple. Options for back and sides include maple, walnut, pear and cherry. Fingerboards can be either bog oak, or Rocklite (engineered from sustainable woods), and neck options include maple and walnut.

This guitar was on loan to Marcin Dylla for a little over year, before returning to the UK to find a new owner.