Lister Guitar Plans

I am pleased to offer a set of detailed plans for my standard “Lister model” guitar. This guitar follows a traditional Spanish construction method, and anyone experienced with this method of building guitars should be able to make a fair copy of a Lister guitar using these plans.

The plans are presented on three full scale A2 size pages. Drawing #1 includes construction notes, detail drawings of the head, bridge, rosette and heel/foot. Drawing #2 shows the full plantilla, and details of all bracing positions and dimensions. Drawing #3 shows the fingerboard and frets layout, side views of the head and heel/foot assembly, and a side section through the body of the guitar.

All plans are comprehensively dimensioned (in metric units), and information is given on approximate thicknesses (these will vary depending on the materials used) and profiles of the struts.

The plans can be purchased as either full scale drawings on three A2 sheets (folded to A4 size for postage), or as PDF files that the user can print out for themselves.

The plans are available to buy direct from me through this website (using PayPal), and I hope will also be available from some luthier’s suppliers. For the printed plans, cost is £27, including postage and packing within the UK, or £29, including postage and packing overseas. For PDF files the cost is £21, and files will normally be emailed within 24 hours.

Bridge detail

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