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Exhibition Guitar – 630mm scale

Last year’s exhibition guitar has now been sold, but I’m hoping to have another short scale guitar available early in the new year.

Guitar no. 115

This guitar has now been sold.


This guitar was made for exhibition last year, and uses my standard modified fan brace construction, but has a slightly smaller body and a 630mm scale length. I’ve been getting more requests for shorter scale lengths in recent years, but rarely have one in stock for customers to try. I chose 630mm for the scale length because the more common 640mm scale isn’t really enough of a change to help players with small hands, or those who have trouble with difficult stretches due to injuries or arthritis. The slightly reduced body size is necessary to keep the bridge in the optimum position near the centre of the lower bout, and doesn’t have any significant effect on the one or volume of the guitar. The fingerboard is slightly radiussed, and the neck width is 50mm at the nut, making this a very comfortable guitar to play.

The soundboard is European spruce, and the guitar has beautifully figured Satinwood back and sides. The neck is cedrela (Spanish cedar) featuring a V-joint to the head. The fingerboard is ebony, and the bridge is ziricote with a 12-hole tie-block. The guitar is fitted with Gotoh premium tuners, and a Hiscox PRO-GCL case is included in the sale.