Guitars for sale

Guitar no. 100

My 100th guitar is now available for sale. This guitar was built 2 years ago, and spent 15 months in the very capable hands of Marcin Dylla. Marcin saw the guitar at the Classical Guitar Retreat in Scotland in 2015 (see Samples page), and liked it enough to ask to have the guitar on loan for a year. I now have the guitar back in my workshop, and am offering it for sale for £4,000.

In most ways this guitar follows my standard design, but it uses no tropical hardwoods, and has FSC certified (sustainable) top, back and sides. The neck is walnut, and the fingerboard is bog oak, and has a slight radius. Top is European spruce and the back and sides flamed maple. The tuners are Rodgers with black horn buttons.


Guitar no. 104

This guitar was made for exhibition last year, and has a European spruce top, and Indian rosewood back and sides. The neck is cedrela (Spanish cedar), the fingerboard is ebony, and the bridge ziricote. The guitar is fitted with Alessi hand made tuners and also features a V-joint. Now available for sale at Savage Classical Guitar, Long Island, NY.


Guitar no. 111

Finally, I have a non-tropical guitar built for exhibition at the Cordefactum Guitar Festival earlier this year. The guitar has walnut neck, back and sides, a Rocklite fingerboard, and a laburnum bridge, and is fitted with Gotoh tuners. Price for this guitar is £3,600.


Second Hand Guitars

I’m hoping to have a second-hand Lister guitar available for sale soon. European spruce top, and ziricote back and sides. Price will be in the region of £2,000. Send me an email for more information.


Second Hand Guitars

Coming soon…

European spruce top, Indian rosewood back, sides and bridge. Gotoh tuners, ebony fingerboard and Spanish cedar neck. Good condition, but some discolouration of the top. I’ll be working on this over the next few weeks, and will then post some photos.

Price £1,900